thunder: (ピン → we will live each day in springtime)
rheytard ([personal profile] thunder) wrote2008-08-07 06:18 pm

[One Hundred and Twenty Seven]

tuesday; 8:47 PM; gchat

[ profile] 4_03_am: i'll take pin anything. pin walking down the street, doing nothing. JUST EXISTING TOGETHER. anything will do.
[ profile] acchikocchi: skjdaldjsl where are the paparazzi when you need them XD


and then, it's wednesday night, i'm doped up on sleeping pills, snoring like a truck (okay, i wouldn't really know that since i actually was asleep), and then my phone is buzzing next to my head at like a quarter past one in the morning-- it's a text from [ profile] acchikocchi...i read through the message in a daze, and then the next thing i know, i'm staring at this. ser;lkfok;'jvn'hl seriously, how awesome is that. now, if next, jin talks about yamapi in kat-tun manual or something, i'm gonna start believing i'm magic. 8D

happy happy!

anyway, that wasn't really the point of the post. the following is.

the article itself: one, two, three!! if one of you wonderful nihongo-savvy people has got the time, and wouldn't mind translating it for the rest of us less fortunate, that would be smashing. :D :D :D

and now i'm off to hunt for food before starvation slays me. hope you guys are having a fantastic day. ♥

edit: and, as usual, thanks to the lovely [ profile] nihongofrancais and [ profile] acchikocchi, aaaah translations!! ♥_♥

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