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because it's jin and i just can't seem to shut the hell up about it, i need to get this shit written out. for posterity.

→ we arrived at the venue just a few minutes shy of seven. to no one's surprise, there was already a queue. there were maybe about fifty people there already? some of them had arrived the evening before, and camped out through the night. most of them, it seemed were from other places-- other states, other countries (a good half of them were actually from japan!). hardcore.

doesn't look too bad here, but by six o' clock, the line had extended around the corner, to the next block. we directed so many distraught faces to the end of the line on 45th. :|

→ getting there at the ass crack of dawn meant a better chance at being front and centre for the concert, but at what price? we were facing eleven hours of 39°F (~4°C?) weather made even colder by strong gusts of wind. no problem, by now we've sort of become experts at freezing our asses off. XD;; but we took it easy this time since we had six people in our group. we took turns in pairs to leave the line to go warm up for a couple of hours while the others held our place in line. pretty much cut our total freezing time in half! :)

→ the few hours that all of us actually did any waiting together, i feel like we spent most of it answering people's questions about why we were doing the hobo huddle. some people actually took the "best buy" part of the theatre's name to mean that the venue was actually a store, and we were all lined up for some sort of super early black friday sale thing. some thought we were waiting to go see king tut at the museum? idek. and if we weren't answering questions, we were annoying ourselves by getting yamapi's one in a mirrion stuck in our heads. we tried to practise singing eternal for a while when a couple of girls came by to hand us the lyrics sheets for the encore, but we failed, and soon degenerated into working mola lyrics into normal, irrelavant conversations. -_- yeah, we're special like that.

→ surprisingly, the venue was pretty prompt about things. doors opened around six o' clock as advertised. i was glad the security staff did bag checks before doors-- more time to make it to the front! also, lol, the security staff were pretty funny, trying to tell all the japanese fans about the no camera policy: "SHASHIN DAME!" hahaha, the japanese fans loved it-- i heard a few of them commenting, "shinken ni yatteru!"

→ the stage was smaller than we expected and first row was already full by the time we got in. luckily though, our group managed to secure a good spot on the ledge, right up front, a little to the right. once we were settled, there was no moving us. ;) some korean girls apparantly got into a fight right there in the pit, somewhere to the left of us, and we were just. o_O seriously? so not classy. for the most part though, people were nice, and the shoving was minimal to nonexistent.

→ the show started with juice and john michael taking stage, warming up the crowd. not very hard when we've already been restless and making noise for a while now. they introduced a video clip of jin talking about the tour, idk, the crowd pretty much drowned out everything, lol.

→ and then. omg. joey tee. (!!!) /pedo pedo pedo

look at him doing a curtsey a;slkd;lasd so adorb omg :x

→ domininic was next. he did a couple of songs, choreographed with ample hip thrusting. aubree and lizzy backed him up. john michael and juice followed up the performance by getting dominic's family, who were present in the audience, to reveal embarrassing facts about him! XD

→ and then, finally, jin took stage. i'm gonna get pretty broken record-y here, but. he is, in person, just as attractive as i'd always thought him, if not more. all that prickly stubble and all. he has either an excellent make up team or his skin really is flawless and luminous. or i just see what i want to see. wish he wasn't so fond of wearing the damn sunglasses all the time. he did take it off for a few songs, but then on again it went, covering up his face. oh, and there's the hat, too. yes, we all know his fedora fetish, and yes it suits him, but really, i just want to see him without all these barriers. /take it off take it off take it off

→ now i'm not familiar with all the songs of the setlist (because i was too lazy to listen to the recordings before the day of the concert -_-) so i'm sure i'm gonna screw it up here. at least i was glad that the giant screen on the stage gave us the titles of all the songs. he begins with this robotic dance, which apparently involves him chopping off the upper half of a girl mannequin? nice touch, jin, misoginy and hip-hop, of course, would be incomplete without each other, like a pimp and his pimpcup.

→ he begins with christmas morning, which blends into, i think, bass go boom, followed by wonder. there seemed to be a pv of sorts playing on the screen during wonder (forgive me if this is common knowledge-- i haven't been active in fandom for too long). is this available online somwhere? cuz i missed it completely since my eyes were pretty much glued to jin on the stage the entire time. :p I.N.P. was next. after seeing the houston fancam of it, i was really excited to see it for myself and i tried to get a recording of it myself, but security spotted me half way through the song, and i had to hide my camera. :\

→ jin did a super short greeting after a couple more songs (Oowah and A Page?) but most of it was some scripted thank you thank you blah blah. it was kind of amusing that his prepared lines had more of a fob-y accent than anything he said spontaneously. he wasn't too bad introducing his newer songs-- body talk and the fifth season.

a;slkd;alsd the fifth season is possibly my favourite in this setlist. IT'S OVERRRFLOWWWIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINGGG ♪♪

→ and finally, jfc, the jackets and hats came off, and it was just jin in his black t and jeans, hair disheveled, drenched in sweat, and just looking. absolutely. gorgeous. a;skld;lasd oh yes. paparats.

lol, jin says "thank you" like he means "fuck you."

→ there was a costume change (TWO DOT JAYPEG?) and lovejuice came next. the crowd errupted. DROP THAT SHIT LIFE.

→ world dance was next on the menu, and some really cool, and some really weird shit happned here. the cool stuff: all the dancers got to showcase their moves and show off different styles. jin participated in a few of them, grinding with the girls, and...making stabby motions at the guys' hearts? he also did this bit where he dances some, and then does it all backwards superfast like someone's rewinding video footage? awesome! joey tee did his own routine with a mask on, as like, this creature possessed by a dancing demon or something a;slkd;laks the girls wore kimonos and the guys carried these giant fans to, idk, incorporate ~japan~ into the show, i guess. plus jin also did his own routine with multiple masks on his face. AND THEN HE GAVE BIRTH. MULTIPLE TIMES. he also proved he's shit at anything releated to magic and illusions.

hey girl, yellow gold, my mp3, and tipsy love wrapped up the show. jin and joey did this weird dance, like they're driving cars, and the entire time they kept glancing at each other and doubling over giggling, so cute! shunpei came out at some point with a tub of twizzlers and throwing them at the audience. also, thanks to shunpei, who got pretty handsy with jin, we all got to witness firsthand jin dithering and collapsing from a just a little touch on his clavicle. for tipsy love, jin had us all singing the lines with him, and at the end, he stretched out all the heyeyheyey bits, well after the music had stopped. all the dancers came back on stage to screaming cheers, introed by jin, did their closing routines. and then, of course, it was jin's turn to receive the applause. a;lskd;alskld oh he was so cute, looking happyembarrassed and just a;kldlsd ADORABLE.

→ and that was the end of the show. everyone left the stage, the lights came on, and WE STILL WANTED MORE. so we took a collective deep breath, and prepared to sing. after about four off key, out of tune, tone deaf renditions of the last verse of eternal and making a whole lot of noise in general, just when we were about to give up, jin stumbled into view, looking all sheepish and embarrassed, lol. the immediate response of the audience was to scream loud enough to shatter eardrums, effectively drowning out half of whatever garbled jingrish jin was spewing. he seemed to be a bit confused, like, what, what are you guys singing. he then to seemed to spot the lyrics sheet a fan was holding out, so he grabbed it, and staring at it, he looked a bit puzzled. lol, i'm sure the romaji came across as a jumble of the english alphabet and nothing more to him. he must have spotted the kanji lyrics right then and smiled, and was like, this is a japanese song, i don't remember the lyrics, lol. then he changed his mind, said he's working to release it as his new japanese solo single, and he'll try his best to sing it for us. a;slkdwq0urp9qwoakjldasjf03wutefslfkjlkds

it was perfect. god. really. it was at this moment i remembered how much i really loved this fandom, loved him and it made me miss my flisters so hard right then, and god, it was just, so beautiful, like. jin's english stuff, okay it's cool, whatever, if he wants to experiment with ~western style music~ he can, but ultimately, he has to go back to singing this. his english stuff doesn't do him justice. it's barely anything. but this. i mean, we all know he can sing, but it's hard to remember if all he keeps giving us is autotutune and jibberish in a language he isn't entirely too comfortable to convey his passion fully. but eternal brigs everything right back, and i couldn't be happier that it's going to be his first solo single. (but the part of me that doesn't really have any taste in music or cares nothing for good singing or bad and just wants jin jin JIN...that part really, really, reaaaaalllllly couldn't stand to not have studio versions of the english shit. so please. GIMME AN ALBUM!! or you know, a DVD would do the trick, too.)

god, that took forever and a half to get out. it's kinda tl;dr, but i never do proper con reports and i just kind of wanted to for jin, this being my very first je con (hopefully of many more to come) and all. XD;; sorry, i coulnd't really capture any of the good stuff on film-- dammit i so badly wanted a photo of him smiling. :( i will just console myself with the footage of eternal for now, till jin comes back to nyc, which he must, and holds another concert! :)

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