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hi, f-list. i'm not dead-- although my dignity and social life are. in other words, i've given in to my shameful desires, and started playing starry☆sky.

meet my virtual boyfriend, tohzuki suzuya:

well, okay, i lied. we aren't secretly getting it on at the rooftop gardens under the ~beautiful starry sky~ every night. he is basically my childhood friend (one of two! they come in a pair with plenty of bffslash potential. 8D) who always looks after me. suzuya is perfect. he's a yuutousei type who can hold his own in a fight. he's rational and friendly, but a bit of a worrywart. and he's voiced by ono daisuke, and always, so softly, tells me he's ~always gonna stay by my side and cook me delicious things~ and pats my head and holds my hands and addresses me as omae and DAMMIT WAE U NO EXPRESS YOUR ~TRUE FEELINGS~ FOR ME SUZU-CHAN. donchu realise you're a cancer, i'm a scorpio, and together, we'd be explosive /sob it's not completely his fault, i guess, cuz you know, every time i get to cosy up with him, i usually end up blowing it by saying stuff like this:

dies. we are about embark on one of those kimodameshi/test of courage type things right now. chance~! :D

basically, what i am saying is that look at the state of my life. the next time you see a headline about some delusional otaku marrying a video game character, you won't even have to read the article to know it's me. i haven't had any real romantic interest in anyone irl in so, so, soooo long that at this point, it doesn't seem unlikely that i will be #foreveralone (not lonely, because i don't exactly feel all the depressing emotions generally associated with loneliness, or even the need to ~fix it). i'm gonna be sixty and still single. well, maybe not even "single," cuz that might imply i'm in the market? if you're not actively looking for a job, you can't be considered unemployed-- you're not even in the labour force. my reservation wage and nonlabour income are too high to even bother considering entering the market?


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tell me, why does your boyfriend's hair cross so weirdly in the front like that.

he has really pretty eyes. if only he were real

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omg how are you playing it? i thought it wasn't out in america :c

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LMFAO you sound like me except I went for Kanata.. didn't get his marriage CG, though.. BUT I WILL TRY AGAIN alskdfj

I-I'm afraid I can't teach you how to fall in love. ;~; MAYBE MAMA CAN.

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...have you ever read lovely complex? because i am imagining risa's creepy game face as your own right now. :B

(also. in the second linked cap i totally thought it said "cheese" and i was like LAUGHING RHEY YOU NAMED YOURSELF CHEESE? too much theraflu for me!)

but really i can't picture you as a cat lady anyway don't seem like you care for cats much? :D can you be a bunny lady? I WOULD TOTALLY HANG OUT WITH YOU ALL THE TIME THEN.

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pats my head
WEAK AGAINST THIS I AM SO WEAK AGAINST THIS ;A; sajhfjsahflka it might be part of the reason Suzuya is my ~In Spring~ husband and not Kanata, even though I'm always like, "UHHHH yeah Suzuya's more just that person I annoy all the time." (I feel like I go to complain to him too much 3': ) "I'd probably fall in love with Kanata.", etc.

donchu realise you're a cancer, i'm a scorpio, and together, we'd be explosive /sob
I have no idea who I'm supposed to get along with ;v; *shakefist at cusp* Leo and Cancer are so opposite from each other that Leo's best matches are Cancer's worst ones, and Cancer's best matches are Leo's worst ones. ( ;´Д`Σ) LOL maybe I'm just doomed

I've never been in love so I can't help...and considering these I probably shouldn't be asked anyways "ORZ
*Iku is my favorite Starry*Sky character, and I'm constantly calling him an old cat lady because he loves and spoils cats so much. In an unusual move for me, I have no desire to raise any children (Well that'd be ~After Autumn~ though, haha~) only cats. Left hands say we're married, but really we're just two cat ladies who happen to be living together SOB "ORZ
*Instead of being the cat lady, I want to be the neighborhood witch, where kids come and throw rocks at my house and think it's haunted and stuff. I want creepy decorations like Duck Lamp everywhere even if I don't end up alone, just so I can freak houseguests out.

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Only if, "PLEASE LOOK AT ME AS A MAN INSTEAD OF JUST YOUR MOTHER OR CHILDHOOD FRIEND." counts. Don't bother, Suzuya. Even on the husband CD she's still calling you "mom" sometimes, LMAO And on his "Broken Heart" track he's kicking himself for not saying anything, even though a large part of it was that he knew that Kanata likes it would be doubly awkward--she's his friend, and she's the girl his best friend likes. Otherwise no, he never does.
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I am already that catlady no one wants to hangout with, only sadly lacking an actual cat. So I got nothing.
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I plan to someday find a job that will make me obscene amounts of money to make up for the lack of a lovelife. And then while people are feeling sorry for me for being that crazy catlady I can console myself with cash.
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Pfft, money can totally buy you happiness. There have been studies. I don't think I have any such talents either but I'll figure something out. XD

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omg i want this game. this will probably feed my weird delusions of boyfriends and make me even more unlikely to get one BUT I DON'T CARE i need this in my life now (':

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ia. rl is much too taxing. instead i shall download this and vest my fantasies and contribute to my forever alone-ness. wow, now i feel depressed

ty for pointing me towards the link!

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ahhhh. i don't think we can be friends any longer.

i LIEEEE. Because i think i will become a catlady just like you. I totz want to play this game so i will probably be doing such after work today because omg, this is the only way i could find love. T.T.T.T.T ::hugs:: at least you know one thing, i am right alongside you so we can be catladies together. without the cat as you probably don't care for them and i am sadly allergic. XD

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This first-person business, it's kind of different. :x Patting me on the head? Holding my hand? It's a bit like self-insert fics, but INTENTIONAL asdl;kj.

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Still think that you should have named your character after yourself.
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alskdjlasd this is basically me. idk why but apparently I am incapable of having any love interest whatsoever in my life. D: D: D:

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oh my god. As if Sims Medieval hasn't been eating up all my free time for the last seven days. I am downloading the patch and ldfhdslh will be even less available to the world than before. HAHAHAHAHA!

I am the cat lady, but I'm allergic to cats, so I have dogs (and video games) instead. :|